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Kaizen Casa Incense Burner Stick Holder Ash Catcher Review

The Kaizen Casa Incense Burner Stick Holder Ash Catcher is a great product that I discovered while looking for an ash catchers to replace my old one. After searching online and in stores, I found that there were not many options available besides the traditional metal bowl with a lid on top of it. That’s when I decided to do some research on Amazon and eventually find this great innovation from Kaizen Casa!

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Features of Kaizen Casa Incense Burner Stick Holder Ash Catcher

1. 11 Inches long incense burner holder
2. Brown finish ash catcher

1. 11 Inches long incense burner holder

This stylish Kaizen Casa Incense Burner Stick Holder Ash Catcher is a clean and modern looking ash catcher. The metal holder has seven holes around the exterior for incense sticks, with two small slots on top to act as holders for a napkin or cloth. It’s finished in shiny gold, so it will look good by your favorite armchair or next to any living room furniture

2. Brown finish ash catcher

Brown is the color of choice for many people who want to achieve a natural, earthy ambience in their home. This brown finish ash catcher with 2 holds has been designed to fit perfectly on Kaizen Casa Incense Burner sticks (sold separately).

Reviews & Ratings of Kaizen Casa Incense Burner Stick Holder Ash Catcher

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The Kaizen Casa incense holder is a unique looking option for those who like to smoke.
This stylish, minimalist ash catcher has red and black stripes which make it look awesome when lit up at night. It’s made of a nice quality stainless steel with rubberized feet on the base so it doesn’t slide around while you’re burning your sticks. The holders are designed in such an aesthetically pleasing way that they even come in their own set of attractive glass containers which can be used as storage jars or vases once the unit is put away again!
I found 23 customer reviews from Amazon at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 4.8 stars out of 5 – making them very happy customers indeed. One reviewer said: “As soon as I saw these holders online I knew that my collection was about to go up exponentially.” Another added, “I love how elegant these things are.” But some were less impressed by its looks saying: “It looks better than what I expected”.
However, no one else seems to have experienced any issues with their products either – apart from one buyer who said they got broken but replaced promptly without issue – allowing me to recommend this item too!


The Kaizen Casa Incense Burner Stick Holder Ash Catcher is an affordable product that will help you to avoid having ashes and other debris fall on your carpet. It’s easy to keep clean, and has a nice design for which it can be placed in the living room or any other area of the home.

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