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Greenleaf Gifts Reed Diffuser Oil Refill-Roses Review

Reed diffusers are great for keeping your home smell fresh, and they make a charm addition to any room. They also help you break up the work of daily cleaning by making it easy to freshen up a small area or your whole house when needed. Greenleaf Gifts created their hand picked collection of products that will keep any space smelling luxurious all year long! The Reed Diffuser Oil Refill-Roses is one product in this beautiful gift set that I would highly recommend.

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Features of Greenleaf Gifts Reed Diffuser Oil Refill-Roses

1. Fragrance: Roses
2. Lasts up to 3 month
3. 8-5oz Diffuser Oil

1. Fragrance: Roses

This item is specially formulated with a natural 100% pure essential oil to provide you the wonderful fragrance of roses. It also has no artificial fragrances, colorings or alcohols used in its production.

2. Lasts up to 3 month

The Greenleaf Gifts Reed Diffuser Oil Refill is made with a blend of natural plant oils that creates an earthy aroma. The reeds are durable and can diffuse the oil for up to 3 months, which makes it great for diffusing in any room. It’s also eco-friendly because the packaging uses no plastic or other harmful materials.,

3. 8-5oz Diffuser Oil

This reed diffuser oil refill is perfect for those who like to enjoy the fragrance of roses. These natural oils are blended with tea tree and lavender, so you can have your pick from a variety of scents that will suit any mood!

Reviews & Ratings of Greenleaf Gifts Reed Diffuser Oil Refill-Roses

Our Rating: 4.4 Out of 5 Stars

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The Greenleaf Gifts Reed Diffuser Oil Refill – Rose is a beautiful gift to give yourself or someone else. It comes in a cute pouch with the company’s logo on it and can create your favorite scent right at home.
I found 26 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 4.4 stars out of five possible, which is an extremely good rating!
One customer wrote: “It smells so pretty, just like I wanted” while another said: “This diffuser has more than enough mist for my whole house.” Another happy reviewer said that she usually likes to use oil solidified candles but their wax melts don’t work well in her diffusers because they contain ingredients that would clog up her machine; however, those were not problems here as everything was working perfectly fine! A few others commented about how pleased they were with the design — one person even used it as decoration since it looked nice too!
That makes us very confident when recommending the Greenleaf Gifts Reed Diffuser Oil Refill-Rose by giving them four stars out of five possible overall.


The Greenleaf Gifts Reed Diffuser Oil Refill-Roses is a high quality product and preforms well in comparison to other brands. The fragrance of the oil fills the room with roses, making for an ideal romantic or bedroom scent. With many different types of oils available, including ones that are parfum free, this company’s products can be enjoyed by most people no matter what their preferences happen to be.

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